Sex in Shanghai

Tonight I was offered some cheap sex in Shanghai.  Sex seems to be available (for a price) pretty much everywhere in Shanghai.  This was the third time in two months I got the offer.

I was crossing the street and there was a guy standing on the other side.  Looked like he was waiting for me to cross, so before the light changed I pulled out my phone and hit record.  Here’s a short excerpt.  Face blurred because frankly, I don’t really have a problem with people paying for sex – to each their own.  And I don’t want do get anyone in trouble.

Hmmm….  CNY300 sounds too cheap.  Something’s fishy here.

The second I got an offer was while walking from the Bund to East Nanjing Metro stop, when I was asked if I’d like a beautiful young girl for the night.  Lots of tourists at the Bund, so not entirely surprised to have gotten that offer.  Those interested in paying for sex should be careful of the offers you get on the street.

There are all kinds of scams that go along with offers from people on the street like this, and they call in all shapes and forms.  From the innocent enough young women who stop you in the middle of the day and invite you to go with them for tea so they can practice their English (be prepared to loose a lot of money for a few minutes drinking tea) to the random person walking up to you and offering to get a girl to your hotel room before you blink.  That’s what these were.  Not saying this one wasn’t legitimate – I really have no interest in finding out – just suggesting that should you be interested… be careful!

And the first time I got an offer?  In my quiet neighborhood while walking home from a small local shopping plaza where a lot of foreigners shop.  As I walked, I heard a woman’s voice call after me….

Hello, hello, hello.

I stopped to see what she wanted.

You want a girl tonight?

No thank you.

I have many young beautiful girls available.

Not interested.

She come to your place no problem.  Where you stay?  At hotel?  You at Crown Plaza?  She stay all night.

Really, I’m not interested.

You can make good sex with her all night.

My advice is to never go with anyone on the street who offers to get you a girl for the night.  There are plenty of places in Shanghai you can go to pay for sex if that’s your thing.  Offers from the street should be at the bottom of your list.  Better yet, not even on your list.

Author: Asia Curious

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