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French Fry Nibbler

For some reason in China, people like to nibble on their french fries....

Banana Man

Yes, Shanghai IS a weird and wonderful place. I was on my way to the Science and Technology Museum in Pudong when I caught this guy walking down the street. No, it wasn’t Halloween. Just some guy in a…. Well, you’ll want to see the video on this one.

Shanghai Sex

Anywhere you go in the world you can find sex for sale. That’s not really news. But sex on display so openly, and in China no less. That is what was so shocking to see. Shop window after shop window….

Shanghai Metro Makeup Girl

Well, this is a fun way to start off the new site.  You never know what...

Buying Fresh Produce/Meat/Seafood in Shanghai

In a previous article I wrote about food shopping at various grocery stores...

Grocery Shopping in Shanghai

Where to find the widest selection of food products, including those imported foods you’ve been longing for! Includes a map with addresses/phone numbers.

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